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5 Tips on What to do After an Accident

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Accidents Happen

Everyone is understandably frazzled after an accident, no matter how small or big the damages are. It’s traumatizing being in an automobile accident, from injuries and damages to the actual location the accident took place, it’s a frightening experience. At Lee’s Frame and Axle, we’ve had countless car owners come to us for collision repair. By the time they’ve reached us, they’ve had a moment to calm their nerves and reflect on what happened, but immediately preceding the accident they were at a loss for what to do. That’s why it’s important to have a list of things you should do after an accident. Having been in the auto body repair business for four generations, we’ve put together a list of five things to do immediately after an accident.

5 Things to Remember After an Accident

1. Stop: Stopping seems like common sense but people have continued driving despite the fact that they hit something (or someone) and not stopping to assess the situation can be potentially dangerous for your car in the long run. In California it is considered a “hit and run” if you DO NOT stop. According to the State Bar of California “California law says you must stop whether the accident involves a pedestrian, a moving car, a parked car or someone’s property. If you drive away, you can be charged with hit and run even if the accident was not your fault.” So aside from stopping to check out any damages or injuries, it’s a matter of state law.

2. Move: Of course when possible, but moving out of the way of traffic can even help first responders get to you quicker. Moving your vehicle out of further harm’s way can also give you a chance to fully check the damages out when you’re on the side of the road, as opposed to the middle of the street, highway, or intersection. It’s very important to keep the flow of traffic going as much as you can, so moving out of everyone’s way helps to reduce any further problems.

3. Call the Police: Time and time again people skip this step because the person they collided with is either driving around without insurance or even a driver’s license. The problem for you is you have to call the police to make sure there is a proper police report taken. This is helpful to you in case there’s any future dispute with the other driver or their insurance. Calling the police can also protect you from any aggressive behavior that can happen, whether the accident was caused by you or not, because the police serve as mediators who are there to help assess the situation.

4. Take Pictures: It’s rare to find a cell phone these days without a camera and that camera is extremely useful after an accident. Getting images of the damages, the skid marks, and the surrounding area are crucial if there is ever a dispute. If you’re a fan of daytime TV court shows, you’ve seen countless small claims cases centered around collisions. Having visual evidence (even videos) helps your case, especially when trying to prove who had the right-of-way. Having videos or photos of damages helps back up your claim when it comes to the severity of the damage.

5. Keep Calm & Carry On: This last tip is probably the most important throughout each tip above. Again, it’s completely understandable to be frazzled when it comes to accidents. But freaking out isn’t going to help you, other drivers, or passengers. Remaining calm, can steady the situation and give you a moment to remember everything you’re supposed to do (like getting the other driver’s information as well as license plate number and details about their car). Keeping calm throughout gives you a moment to actually breathe through the stressful situation, which is helpful when having to give details to the police.

Come to Us for Collision Repair

B-A.4Once you’ve left the accident after filing a police report and getting all necessary info and images you need, contact us at Lee’s Frame and Axle in West Los Angeles for your collision repair. Our friendly staff will help ease any frustrations you have with the damages to your vehicle in a timely manner. At Lee’s, we care about your car as if it were one of ours. Call us today at 310-475-4791 to schedule an appointment.

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