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9 Car Lover Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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The Little Things

Sometimes the littlest things can make the best presents. This Christmas, if you have friends or relatives who are car nuts, there are a number of gifts available to get their engines revving. Car enthusiasts love to take care of their car and enjoy a cruise down the streets or scenic highways like the PCH, but there are small items can make any car lover happy. For the majority of this Christmas blog, we want you to remember the following car lover stocking stuffer ideas that would be amazing gifts for your loved ones. Let’s see if we can give them an unforgettable Christmas surprise.

Cell Phone Car Mount Holder

A must-have stocking stuffer gift! Calling and texting on your hand held phone is not okay, ever. Whether you’re holding your phone or it’s in your cup holder, it will still stray your eyes directly away from the seeing the road. A car mount cell phone holder that you can install in an air vent is perfect when you need your phone to navigate with GPS or to keep track with your phone.

Car Chargers

Car chargers will be important for those in-case-of-emergency scenarios, whether your battery is at 100% or not. It’s also very useful if you don’t want to drain your phone’s power using a GPS. A car charger with one port is helpful, but one with multiple ports will be extremely beneficial for a driver. Get the ones that look like actual figures, in this era, car chargers have come to look more and more creative each day.

Car Seat Gap Fillers

For those that seem to always drop things in that abyss that’s between the car seat and the center console, this is a gift that will come in handy. A pair of seat gap fillers can squeeze next to your seat and prevent crumbs, change, important papers, and especially your phone (an always recurring problem) from getting lost under your seat.

Spill-proof Travel Mug

Bad things happen when coffee or other hot drinks spill on your lap while on a drive. Even if it’s cold, do you want stains on your clothes and in the interior of your car? A spill-proof travel mug will do the trick to solve this problem.

Car Care Kit

A brand new kit would be a delightful present for any car nut. They, of course, want to take care of their baby and keep it looking fresh and new with the help of some polish, wax, microfiber pads, and soap.

Car Seat Buckle Belt

Car lovers would love to showcase their passion for automobiles. This is why a car seat belt that functions as a regular belt for your trousers would definitely be a cool gift item. Especially if you get the ones that feature classic car logos like Volkswagon or Mercedes.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

A digital tire gauge could be more useful and clearer for any car enthusiast. Make sure that they get the latest in the digital age.

Gift Certificates and Tickets

Certificates for auto shops and stores will allow the recipient freedom to pick out anything they need or want. Tickets to an LA car show or a racing event would be an exciting gift for whoever receives it. Fast cars or classic cars, car enthusiasts will bounce up and down with joy when they those tickets.

Pay for Their Repair and Restoration

Not a stocking stuffer gift, but a great gift nevertheless. If you have a relative or a friend that has a damaged vehicle, a gesture of paying for their collision repair and paint restoration will do wonders in their life. Luckily, Lee’s Frame & Axle & Body Paint has services that cover everything from collision repair, dent removal, auto body paint, frame straightening and everything in between. We’re one place you can rely on to fully restore a damaged vehicles exterior. We hope that you take our car lover stocking stuffer ideas into account this season and have a safe and happy holiday!!

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