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Dealing with Road Rage

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Don’t Let Road Rage Get the Best of You

The Greater Los Angeles Area can be a very aggressive place to drive. Between long commutes, the hot temperatures in the summer, and tricky traffic, driving isn’t exactly a fun pass time in LA. In fact, drivers are more often than not, angry and frustrated during their commute. According to LA Weekly a study was conducted by Auto Insurance Center using Instagram posts, filtered by location and road-rage mentions, that came up with a ranking of American cities with the most road rage. Wouldn’t you know it… LA was No. 1, followed by New York, and Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. By the way, Santa Monica made it to No. 11, Beverly Hills made it to No. 15, and Culver City made it to No. 19. Click here for the complete list.

At Lee’s Frame & Axle road safety and harmony is important to us. We not only want you to be safe on the road but also want you to enjoy driving. So if you find yourself aggressively honking at cars, getting heated when someone ‘s a reckless driver, or just being overwhelmingly impatient because the car in front of you is going the speed limit and you want to go faster, then you might need to start dealing with road rage.

It goes without saying that this also includes people who have taken road anger to another level. For example, getting in front of a car and slowing down on purpose to teach the driver a lesson or rolling your window down to yell obscenities, or even getting out of your car to confront another driver.

Signs You Can Have Road Rage

So we briefly touched on a few things that could show you that you might be exhibiting road rage. But here’s a comprehensive list from Quality Health:

• Speeding
• Tailgating
• Gesturing
• Weaving/changing lanes
• Honking
• Braking suddenly
• Flashing lights
• Leering/staring
• Yelling
• Attacking

What You Can Do For Rage Control

If you know you have symptoms of road rage, here’s what you can do to help yourself before you get into a road rage incident.

• Start your commute by taking better care of yourself. Often times we’re on the road sleepy from a late night or just starving because we didn’t have breakfast. By taking care of your physical and mental needs for your body, you can ensure a more enjoyable commute.
• Don’t leave late. If you’re going to get a great start to your day, leaving earlier will certainly help you. Leaving early prevents you from rushing and driving aggressively to get to work or school.
• Breathe through it. This is important to keep in mind when you find yourself in a heated situation, whether someone cut you off, or someone’s just driving too slowly. Your initial response is probably going to be to yell and get aggressive but if you breathe through it you’ll be able to relax yourself and stay calm. And relaxing techniques are a must while driving!
• Speaking of relaxing techniques try listening to relaxing music as well. Soothing sounds can help put your mind at ease while you navigate through the streets of Los Angeles.

Talk to Someone For Help

If you find yourself being a road rage driver or even a road bully than talk to someone. There are plenty of counselors and therapists in the LA area that will happily help you get through your road rage. According to the American Psychological Association, there were several characteristics in people who were “high-anger drivers.” Those characteristics include people who engage in hostile, aggressive thinking, people who take more risks on the road, people who get angry faster and behave more aggressively, people who have more accidents, and people who experience more trait anger, anxiety, and impulsiveness. If you feel that you or a loved one is exhibiting this behavior than you should definitely seek out help and the easiest way to do so is by talking about your aggressive behavior and what is making you become aggressive.

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