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The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

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Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Just the other day someone was in our auto repair shop asking us the pros and cons of electric cars because they were considering upgrading from their ten year old fuel-infused car to a brand new electric one. We compiled a list of pros and cons of electric cars that we thought is beneficial for anyone considering the change to electric.


Environment: Regular cars produce a lot of carbon emissions that flow right into our natural atmosphere, which adds to pollution. Los Angeles for decades has centered around the car industry and anybody who has even been stuck on the 405 or the 101 knows how congested the city is with motor vehicles. A lack of a functional public transportation system adds to more people driving (not to mention the growing population). With an electric car you can at least feel good knowing that you’re helping the environment by not putting out carbon emissions.
Subsidies: The government actually gives subsidies for car owners who have purchased an electric car. This year a study was conducted by UC Davis that attributed more than 30% of the Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle sales to the federal tax credit given to new electric car owners.
Gas: According to Conserve Energy, an average American spends $2,000-$4,000 on gas each year. Since gas prices fluctuate monthly, you never really know how to budget properly for gas. For people penny-pinching, an electric car can help stick within your monthly gas budget.
Noise: Electric cars are much quieter than the standard automobile. Being quieter reduces traffic noise. So not only does it help with reducing air pollution it helps with reducing the noise pollution in our already ever-buzzing city.


Charging Stations: In L.A., many businesses and lots have set up electric vehicle charging stations (like at some L.A. Fitness parking lots). Unfortunately, this isn’t the case if you’re traveling outside of L.A. However, even in L.A., if you didn’t start your driving day with a full charge, there are few enough charging stations where that increases the chance of getting stuck without a charge significantly, especially with our daily traffic conditions.
Cost: The money you save on gas may actually go straight towards the cost of an electric car. Remember electric cars are still relatively new so the upfront costs are going to be high until more and more competition comes out. So you might be saving when it comes to gas but your upfront costs might be higher than purchasing a regular vehicle.
Electricity: While it is true you’re saving on gas, your electric bill might actually be rising. Most electric cars need a huge charge to be able to function properly. Do your research and really examine which electric car (and the charging needs) suits you best for your budget.
Noise: So this one is both a pro and con. As one of the electric car benefits, it does reduce noise pollution. The reason we also list it as a con is due to pedestrian and cyclist safety. Transport evolved stated last year that “noise makers for Electric cars won’t be law in the U.S. until 2018.” What are noise makers? Artificial devices that the National Federation of the Blind lobbied for because of the rise of pedestrian related accidents due to the lack of noise coming from electric cars. Why 2018? Because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration set the deadline for September 2018 for all automakers to comply. As a con, the lack of noise could potentially be dangerous for pedestrians, bicyclists, and the sight-impaired.

At Lee’s Frame and Axle we hope that our list of pros and cons was helpful in giving you information on whether or not electric cars are right for you. Remember to do your due diligence if you do have a specific brand in mind. Research the model that is best for you based on your budget, your electric needs, and even the specific subsidies you can qualify for.

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