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Frame straightening and auto frame repair is an essential part to a vehicle, as the vehicle’s frame is its most important part. Just like a house with a damaged foundation is unsafe to inhabit, a vehicle with a damaged frame can be unsafe to drive, especially if that damage is in an area subject to repeated stress or in the “crumple zone” (the extreme front and rear, designed to crumple easily in a crash to absorb most of the impact). Frame damage can be especially dangerous, as it may lead to improper airbag deployment in the case of an accident. So look no further and get your car frame repair with us!

When it comes to repairing a vehicle’s frame it is best to follow the standard and guidelines set forth by I-CAR, or, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair. These guidelines dictate that when it comes to making a decision to replace or repair frame damage you must consider whether the section in question is a bend or a kink.

If it’s a bend, which I-CAR defines as “the change in the shape of the part between the damaged and unchanged area is smooth and continuous,” it is possible to repair the part by pulling it back to its previous state so long as there is no area of permanent deformation once the restoration is complete, like in frame straightening.

The damage is considered a kink if has “a sharp bend with a small radius, usually more than 90° over a short distance,” or if there is “permanent area of deformation that will not return to its pre-accident shape without the use of excessive heat” after the part has been straightened. A kinked part cannot be repaired to an acceptable standard and therefore must be replaced.

CHIEF EZ Liner Frame Machine

Lee’s uses the best of the best when it comes to equipment in the shop. That is why when it comes to straightening damaged frames and unibodies, we use the CHIEF EZ Liner Frame Machine. Produced by CHIEF Automotive Technologies, which is recognized as one of the most reliable companies in the auto body and collision repair industry, the EZ Liner Frame Machine is able to tackle projects of any size. Featuring 5 tons of pulling force, 5500 pounds of lifting capacity, anchor clamps, a conveniently narrow space saving footprint, and adjustable collar, the frame machine has everything a skilled auto body technician needs to get the job done. From the smallest car to the largest SUV the staff at Lee’s Frame and Axle Body and Paint will have your vehicle looking brand new with some help from the EZ Liner Frame Machine. The frame machine works in conjunction with our CHIEF Vector, a computerized laser measuring device in order to achieve the maximum frame straightening performance.

By using the frame machine with the laser measuring device, the staff at Lee’s Frame and Auto Body and Paint is able to ensure a precise, high quality straightening and repair job for your vehicle. In addition to the familiarity with auto frame straightening and repair process, our staff members also regularly attend informational courses and are I-CAR certified for auto body collision repair. We know how hard it is to see your car all crunched up, but with our skill, training, and understanding of frame straightening and repair we will have your car looking like new again.

CHIEF Computerized Laser Measuring System

Just like the CHIEF EZ Liner Frame Machine that we use for fixing your vehicle’s frame, we’ve found another system that helps provide you with intelligent service. One of our latest advances has been the CHIEF computerized Laser Measuring System.

Computerized laser measuring systems allow auto body technicians to take their work to the next level. Unlike the days when we first opened, when repair was limited to the damage visible by the human eye, computerized laser measuring systems such as the CHIEF Velocity allow us to take a deeper look at the damages to the vehicle. This helps us identify damage that may not be visible to the human eye, allowing our technicians to get the job done right on the first try. CHIEF Velocity gives our technicians reports on the exact condition of the vehicle’s frame before, during, and after repairs. That means faster, more reliable repairs (like dent removal), so you can save money while getting back on the road sooner – and who wouldn’t want that?

CHIEF Automotive Technologies is recognized as an industry leader when it comes to auto body repair equipment, and their computerized laser measuring systems is one of the most trusted available. The accuracy and dependability of the CHIEF’s computerized laser measuring system makes it a perfect fit for our staff at Lee’s Frame and Axle. By combining years of experience and technical know-how with technically advanced tools such as a computerized laser measuring system, the work done at Lee’s Frame and Axle is second to none.